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Attract visitors to your site, city and region … or take your site, city and region to the world! Affiliate Membership is intended for organisations with a loyal community, but no purchase or payment systems.

As an Ancient World Affiliate Member, we take care of all the transaction processes. You will receive an exclusive time capsule, complete with the marketing tools and proprietary link that can be placed directly on your website, social media and email, that can earn a referral fee every time your capsule generates a sale,



Offer incredible, self-guided tours of the Ancient World on your site or platform … and earn passive income at the same time.

Associate Membership is intended for organisations with a loyal community and who also have the purchase and payment systems required to complete a transaction. Complete with authentic, accurate 360° reconstructions, expert narrative, street escapes and maps, Associate Members can purchase tours at wholesale prices. Passive, seamless, hassle-free! Access to our exclusive self-serve console can also be added, offering data analytics to improve visitor experience - traffic flow, wait times, capacity management and satisfaction - segmented by demographic, gender, point of interest, before, during and after the tour.



You’re passionate, experienced, and have curated incredible heritage tours that you want to share with the world.

If you've got the images, graphics and design and want to enrapture visitors with your witty, charming, narrative and you're looking for a platform to host it, Ancient World has got you covered! Intended for professional guides or passionate enthusiasts, LYOT allows you to ‘set-up once’ and generate income ‘over and over’. And if you also help promote your tour, you'll earn more on top!



A relationship with Lithodomos 3D Studio means you'll be working with world leaders in 3D reconstructions of heritage icons, sites, objects and people.

Whether you are looking to reconstruct your archaeological site in 3D, improve your tours, stun your audience with large-scale or architectural projections, or have your museum’s visitors coming back for more with multimedia exhibitions or immersive experiences via VR or 360 cinemas or increase the engagement of your students, our content will invigorate your audience like nothing else.



Attract and inform visitors about your museum, site, city and region … the world over! Heritage Club Membership is intended for organisations that are Departments of Culture or Tourism, Cultural institutions, Not-for-Profits, Tourism Authorities or other organisations with a heritage purpose.

As a Heritage Club Member, we help you achieve your purpose while respecting the integrity and authenticity of heritage sites, cities and icons. We take away all the hassle, providing the marketing and transaction support while increasing donations.

Marketing Support

To assist the client in bringing visitors to your city or site, Ancient World will deliver a Digital Marketing Pack to you. This will consist of selects thumbnail images, text and links that should be placed on or in your digital profiles and media:

Social Media, Website, Electronic Mails or Newsletters, Email Signatures and Webinars or special events

Marketing Support


Visitor Behaviour Analysis

Traffic Flow & Capacity Management

Visitor Satisfaction

Segmentation by Demographic & Point of Interest

Usage Data

Worldview – Pre, During, Post Tour